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The unique feature in this speaker, is the three dimensional sound image that Alpair 7 delivers which has a much better spread of midrange frequencies than speakers normally can handle. This speaker is equipped with a cone, made out of paper material. It is ultra-light because of this and the voice coil has an incredible low induction which ensures that the high notes are reproduced extremely detailed. This speaker has a very linear frequency response and is suited for audiophiles who wants extreme detailed sound.

Size: Diameter 11" / 28 cm
Driver: 4" / 10 cm Full range
Frequency range: 60Hz-30kHz
Impedance nom.: 6.0Ω
Power handling: 20w cont. 40w peak
Sensitivity: 87,5 dB
Weight: 5 lbs / 2,5 kg

Price Prices from 7.200 DKK per speaker