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The company eAudio started in 2012 and we are constantly developing new ideas. "The important thing for me is to follow the order from start until the speakers are shipped to the customer," says Emil Askov, founder of eAudio, who also has credit for the development of the speakers.

The company offers customized round speakers with high quality of both sound and design. Everything is customized, and there are no compromises.

"Have you seen a great color on a car or a frame tone of a particular piece of furniture in your home, please provide us with the color code. It can also be a particular style such as a 70's look. Opportunities with us are limitless," says Emil Askov. And it is not only in the design, you can expect specialized knowledge and high quality.

Good sound is a mixture of many things all of which must be consistent. Is it a large room with a high cealing or a small room with low cealing? Are there wooden floors or carpets? Everything has influence. You will always get professional and individual guidance," says Emil Askov.

Emil Askov
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