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The Round Shape
When it comes to sound the optimal place to place a driver is an infinitely large plate. (Which would be impossible in most rooms.)
This means that the sound does not have any edges to crawl around. A round shape is the second-best place to place a driver because there are not any edges here either. This is why we only build round speakers.

Another advantage of the rounded shape is that there are no standing sound waves in the enclosure because there are no flat surfaces facing each other. These theories lead us to the round speaker. But how does it work in practice? The result of our first test-speaker was perfect sound! These speakers have been found to have unique properties that are not found elsewhere.

This provides a completely flexible placement of the speaker. Many speakers should preferably be pulled away from the back wall and never placed in the corners for the best possible sound. Because of the round shape eAudio’s speakers can be placed quite close to a back wall. Here you do not customize your entire home to get optimal sound. The speakers can also hang discreetly on our specially designed wall brackets.

Place them where they're beautiful in your home.

Made of Bamboo
Bamboo is chosen for the cabinets because it has long, strong fibers. This makes it robust and quite anechoic. Therefore it is the perfect material for speakers. Furthermore, it is has a beautiful glow.

The size
The speakers are currently produced in two different sizes. The small eA206P/M fits best for smaller rooms up to 25 square meters. The more substantial eA287GOLD/GREY is suitable for rooms up to 50 square meters. If your room is larger, we recommend additional speakers.

Color and gloss
eAudio's speakers can be painted in thousands of colors. You can also choose between any amount of shine you like. The speakers can also be kept in the beautiful raw bamboo wood which all of the cabinets are made of. Either clear coated or waxed. You decide. Find the color codes and shine and let us know.

Full-range drivers

The more components the higher the risk that the parts will not play well together. Therefore we equip the eAudio speakers with a high-end full-range driver from Mark Audio. There is no crossover which easily can give loss of detail. There are no problems with components that do not play well together. Only one driver to communicate what is being requested. This provides harmonious sound.

The perfect sound
Should the sound be round and smooth or sharp and detailed? Or maby both? It must have body and fullness. Select the right driver.

Choose the Alpair 6M driver for its all-round abilities. It is a little rounder and softer in sound than the Alpair 6P. The Alpair 6M is perfect for less good recordings (for example MP3). Also it goes a little deeper than 6P.

Select the Alpair 6P driver for extreme detail. It goes almost as deep as Alpair 6M. But with the right materials and the right hi-fi gear you will find that 6P will give you the perfect reproduction of the recording.

Finally, there is the larger Alpair 7 for more body and fullness. It has the advantages of both the 6P and 6M drivers. Good solid bass and super detail. Contact us for an interview and advice to make the sound suit you and your space.

Do you want to organize your home for the perfect sound or let the perfect sound fit your decor? With spherical speakers you get an extremely good sound with flexible placing.

Should your new ball speakers stand on a shelf? Or hang on the wall? We have several solutions. We produce special stands and wall brackets. Once you have decided, you can choose the material for it. Clear a crylic, corian, plastic, wood, aluminum, steel, or maybe you have a better idea?

We are ready to engage in dialogue with you on loudspeaker placement if desired. Since all models are handmade, delivery times may vary. Approximately 4 weeks + dispatching.