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Individual Design
Speakers are much more than just sound. They are a piece of furniture to fit into your individual style. Therefore, we offer you to choose the size, color and gloss of the speakers. We can offer you speakers and stands in a minimalistic Danish design with your personal touch. Also we offer customized solutions for café environments and restaurants etc.

Everything is handmade
All our speakers are produced in Denmark and handmade in our workshop. It provides you with a safe and easy means of communication for specific and individual requirements for sound and expression and it ensures high quality of each product. No mass production here. And you can expect personal advice both on sound, location and design. Nothing is arbitrary.

The cabinets are equipped with full-range drivers of the highest quality from MarkAudio. The full-range drivers provide incredible sound details which fill the room with three dimensional sound that is rarely matched. In this case we see that the simplest solution is the best.